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Arkon GN042 gooseneck and sticky pad

If you’re looking for an affordable product for mounting your phone in your car, and need something that will take a beating, Arkon has a product that will fit your needs. We’ve reviewed several of their items, including the durable but cheap MegaGrip car dock. Like most of their docks, including the MegaGrip, the one I’ve been testing for the past week… Read more

Arkon stand for Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Arkon IPM-TAB1 is a light-weight, portable, folding adjustable stand that fits Apple’s iPad, the BlackBerry Playbook, and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. At $17.95 and just 3 ounces, it stands to reason that this thing isn’t built to last, right? Wrong. I’ve been using Arkon’s Mega Grip car dock daily for over four months now and have yet to run into any… Read more

Arkon has an affordable stand for Galaxy Tab

Those of you not familiar with Arkon should have a look-see at my review of some of their car docks. The short version is that the company sells universal docks, cradles, what have you, for your mobile gadgets, and they do so at very attractive price points. Three months after that review, and with daily use, my windshield mount is going strong and is the… Read more