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Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 Might Have An Intel Processor

Things in the mobile world just might get interesting. A device by the name of GT-P5200 has shown up on a benchmarking site called GFXBench, and it looks to be the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1. The Tab 2 10.1 had a model number of GT-P5100, so it would make sense. In shocking news, Samsung may be moving away from the ARM architecture with this one, instead… Read more

Developer Hexxeh Ports Chrome OS To Nexus 7

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ucnR1sYLY1I Hexxeh has been managing Chrome OS builds for a while, but we’ve never seen anything like this. This great man has ported Chrome OS to the Nexus 7. Now this has been easier since Chromebooks with ARM hardware have been released, but this is really cool and impressive nonetheless. This… Read more

New Samsung Chromebook Powered By The Long Awaited Exynos 5

We’re an Android site. We usually don’t write about things like Chromebooks. But this is an interesting Chromebook, as it is powered by Samsung’s Exynos 5 processor. The Exynos 5 is an A15 based chip with some very impressive specs, including a monster Mali-T604 GPU for some powerful 3D processing. The rest of the Chromebook is fairly nice, with a… Read more

ARM releases dev toolkit that optimizes code for ARM processors

All you developers out there working tirelessly to bring apps to the Android ecosystem, we know it’s tough. Apparently, so does ARM. The mainstream chip-producer released a development kit that apparently automates the process of optimizing software code for ARM processors. The software, dubbed Development Studio 5 Community Edition (DS-5 CE), is now… Read more