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Evidence Of Rampant CM10 Development

It has only been 11 days since CyanogenMod announced that devices with CM9 support are likely to be supported with CM10.  From CyanogenMod’s Google+, “Our goal is to release a stable CM 9.0.0 (and any needed .1’s). After that, we will work on CM7 and CM10 only. As stated above, CM9 devices are highly likely to get CM10, so maintaining a separate class of… Read more

ASUS offers up free GPS dongle for Transformer Prime owners

Since the launch of the Transformer Prime, ASUS’s quad-core powered Android tablet, has seen all sorts of problems, whether it be due to software or hardware. But, while there have been issues, that hasn’t stopped it from finding its way into plenty of people’s homes. But, when software doesn’t fix the problem, you’ve got to turn to a few different other… Read more

ASUS Transformer Prime software update now being rolled out

Yesterday we told you about the incoming software update for the quad-core Transformer Prime by ASUS. While there were plenty of rumors regarding what the update would consist of, which was only fueled by a post on ASUS’ Italian-based Facebook page, it looks like there are some rumored features missing from the update. Specifically, no face-to-unlock… Read more

ASUS Transformer Prime software update will include Face Unlock and other new features

Yesterday, ASUS teased that a software update for their Transformer Prime tablet was on the way. Though, in the tease, they left out plenty of information (which is probably why it’s caused a tease). But now it looks like the cat is out of the bag, thanks to ASUS Italy’s Facebook page. That particular social network arm has divulged plenty of details… Read more

Why the new iPad is good for Android

For those unaware, earlier today Apple announced the latest iteration of its popular iPad line of tablets. Simply known as “the new iPad”, it features specs like a dual-core processor with a quad-core GPU, 5MP camera, LTE connectivity, and most importantly, a display with a resolution of 2048×1536. While come may call it overkill, it’s still impressive feat… Read more

Would a 13-inch Android tablet succeed in today’s market?

Earlier this evening we reported that Toshiba was showing off a new concept device, featuring a large 13.3-inch display. Android was said to be the operating system on board, with a quad-core Tegra 3 processor running the show. Granted, this tablet may never see the light of day, and it’s only a concept device. Something leads me believe that we may see… Read more

ASUS Transformer Prime receives yet another software update

At this point, if you own a Transformer Prime from ASUS, then you’re probably perfectly comfortable getting a notification for a software update. In fact, this update right here, which brings the software build to, is the third update released for the quad-core toting Android-powered tablet this month. All of them are bug and enhancement fixes, but… Read more

ASUS Transformer Prime gets another update

By now, updates for the Transformer Prime by ASUS are pretty common. After all, it’s only been about nine days since the last software update landed on the quad-core tablet. ASUS is working as hard as they can to fix all the issues that owners are reporting, and the only way to do that is to issue software updates to address them. This latest build is… Read more

ASUS Transformer Prime receiving yet another update to fix bugs

The update situation with the Transformer Prime by ASUS has been a bit crowded. We’ve seen plenty of updates for the quad-core tablet in the past, not least of which was the update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. But, while the updates were meant to fix the issues plaguing the brand new tablet, it doesn’t look like the updates are actually fixing all of… Read more