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Motorola Dinara (Atrix 3) Breezes Through The FCC

We recently saw a leaked photo of a phone that’s strikingly similar to the Motorola Dinara which has oft been rumored to be the next member of AT&T’s Atrix family. Now it seems that we can add even more credibility to that rumor because a device by the code number MB886 has flown through the FCC. That same code number just so happens to match up… Read more

Motorola Dinara For AT&T Leaks, Is This The Atrix 3?

The boys at The Verge just secured an image of AT&T’s next Motorola smartphone codenamed “Dinara,” a device that that been has been around overseas since late last year. With a 720p display and Android 4.0, it seems likely to be the next evolution in AT&T’s Atrix hardware line. Whether or not the Dinara will be called the Atrix 3… Read more

Motorola May Jump To The Qualcomm Bandwagon, S4 Processors Spotted In New Benchmarks

Motorola has been one the biggest customers to Texas Instruments in the phone industry, as many of the company’s handsets sport TI OMAP processors. OMAP processors have proven to be more than capable, but it appears that the company may be jumping ship. A newly leaked benchmark shows an unannounced Motorola device sporting a Snapdragon S4 Krait processor…. Read more