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Motorola Says No Joy To ATRIX 4G Ice Cream Sandwich Update

Motorola might have given ATRIX 4G owners a little bit of hope earlier in the week by addressing future Ice Cream Sandwich plans with a short statement saying “further plans coming soon,” giving some reason to believe Motorola would provide an update. Unfortunately, “soon” came almost right away as Motorola has updated the ATRIX 4G page and made… Read more

Motorola’s software upgrade timeline updated, DROID RAZR won’t be receiving Android 4.0 in the first half of the year

Motorola has hosted a page dedicated to informing customers of upcoming updates for as long as we can remember, and today they have just updated it. Some interesting news was included, like the fact that the international version of the RAZR will be receiving the latest Ice Cream Sandwich sometime in Q2 of this year. Then the bad news comes into play, like… Read more

Motorola posts software upgrade changelist for Atrix 4G

A couple of days ago, we told you that Motorola was letting owners of the Atrix 4G sign up to be on a list of 1,000 users who would be able to beta test an upcoming software upgrade for the Android-powered smartphone. While the sign up is shut down, Motorola stuck to their word and published a changelist for the software upgrade, letting everyone know… Read more

Motorola prepping software update for Atrix 4G

Motorola has confirmed via their support forum that the company is currently prepping a software update for their Atrix 4G Android-powered smartphone, which launched on AT&T’s network not too long ago. As is customary, though, the company isn’t being forthcoming with what the update includes. What they are doing, though, is allowing for owners of the Atrix… Read more

Atrix 4G laptop dock under fire for compatibility issues

One of the biggest advantages of buying a phone in person as opposed to online is the demo units. I get asked at least once a day what phone someone should buy. My response is usually the same: go to a store, find the phones you’re looking at, and see which one gives you a better feeling. The only way you can falsely advertise with a demo unit is by… Read more

Motorola Atrix 4G available now

The time has finally come; the Motorola Atrix 4G from AT&T is available now. The 4-inch qHD sporting, dual-core processor boasting, practically-a-laptop smartphone can be yours for just $199 on a two-year contract, or $499 with the handy laptop dock included — that is if you buy it from AT&T. Of course Ma Bell isn’t the only one slinging her wares;… Read more

Motorola Atrix rooted

The Motorola Atrix may not be quite ready for release just yet, but that hasn’t stopped those who have their hands on one from already achieving root access. Thanks to several users over in the XDA forums, the day you go buy your shiny new Atrix 4G is the day you should be able to root your phone, side-load apps, and tether to you heart’s content…. Read more

Motorola Atrix pre-order is live

Motorola sent out the announcement email today: their flagship 4G gadget for AT&T, the Motorola Atrix, is now up for pre-order at $199 on contract. The AT&T Atrix product page is accepting purchases now and is chock full of videos, images, and bullet points that show off the features that make Atrix unique. The laptop accessory dock, the Webtop… Read more

Motorola Atrix 4G: Price and release date revealed

Information on the Motorola Atrix 4G has surely been bountiful. Practically the only thing we haven’t heard yet in regards to the dual-core monster is an official release date or price. Well that changed today, as AT&T has finally come forward and spilled the beans. Starting February 13th, you can begin pre-ordering the Atrix 4G that’s set to release… Read more