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AT&T 4G opens its loving arms to San Francisco

Perhaps AT&T customers can indeed start hoping again. Hoping again for a dropped-call free life. At least in Frisco. If you have a 4G phone. But still! AT&T opens up 4G bliss for customers in the San Francisco area. With an average download speed of 18Mbps and 8Mbps upload, phones are happily browsing, streaming, downloading, and uploading… Read more

AT&T 4G LTE finally hits New York… sort of

Paging all AT&T-totin’ New Yorkers. 4G is finally within your grasp… maybe. Sorry for the qualifier folks, but sometimes, that’s just how the cookie crumbles. In any case, some people did get a taste of some 4G action when AT&T introduced the Big Apple to the LG Nitro HD. Apparently today, the company opened its 4G network in parts of the city to… Read more