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CES: ATT finally has an Android super phone: Motorola Atrix

Aside from the Samsung Captivate–a Galaxy S device–AT&T has been slow on the uptake when it comes to attaining serious Android contenders, but all of that changed today with the Announcement of the Motorola Atrix 4G, ready to rock AT&T’s HSPA+ network. The gadget features Android 2.2 (upgradable to 2.3), a dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, 1GB RAM,… Read more

AT&T offers BOGO deal on Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10

It looks like Ma Bell is really pushing their aging X10s out the door this holiday season. But hey, a deal’s a deal, right? Sony Ericsson announced via Twitter today that the update challenged device will rock a buy one, get one bargain from now until January 1st. Slap those gadgets with two Business Experience Packs, and it could make a great gift for a… Read more

Motorola Olympus photo shoot

Well the story on this leak doesn’t seem very likely, but considering that the tipster who snapped these shots had to enter the bootloader in order to power the device on, it’s possible that this Motorola Olympus really did find its way to a flea market after some Moto employee thought it bricked. Yes? No? Whatever the turn of events that got it into the… Read more

First look: Motorola’s Flipside and Bravo for AT&T

With the holidays upon us and friends and family members itching for a new smartphone, now is a good time to take a look at the market’s more reasonably priced offerings. After all, not everyone needs or even wants the latest and greatest, not-quite-a-tablet, face-melting gadget. A lot of us just need something that will give us the most used features of a… Read more

Amazon selling all AT&T Androids for $0.01 this weekend

Amazon.com is hoping to grab your attention before you start that list of places to shop on Black Friday, which falls on the 26th this year. The online giant has knocked the price tags on two handfulls of Android devices down to just one cent with a two year agreement. Every single AT&T Android is on the list, and a grip from other carriers made the cut as… Read more


AT&T is expanding its Android line up today with the release of Motorola’s BRAVO ($129.99), FLIPSIDE ($99.99) and FLIPOUT ($79.99). (Each linked page offers phone specs. Prices require two year agreement, but no rebate.) These budget devices might not be too tempting to the hardcore Android junky, but certainly do appeal to the compulsive texter and… Read more

AT&T spits their Android position

Their position about why they only allow market available apps to be installed that is. “Q. Why can’t apps be installed from sources outside of the Android Market?” Simple. Developer accountability. I, I mean… A.: “Android Market, managed by Google, is open to all developers. There is no approval process for applications, they are all accepted by… Read more

Dell Streaks tested in Seattle

We already knew that it’s big, and we knew it will ship with the Android Kindle app. And unlike the original source of these photos, we already knew it will come in a variety of colors, including red. We also knew that it has cleared the FCC with AT&T 3G bands, but one key bit of information we don’t have on Dell’s Streak – previously known as the Mini 5 -… Read more

AT&T’s Android app: MyWireless Mobile

If you’re running an Android on AT&T (c’mon, there will be more soon), check out the free app MyWireless Mobile. It allows you to pay bills, view usage data for talk, text, and web, and even lets you change plan add-ons. It is not clear at this time whether or not the app facilitates changing the base plan. Can a Backflip owner check it out and post in the… Read more