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Augen ships Android Market without authorization

genbook 74

News of a $150 Android tablet selling at Kmart lured pennywise shoppers to the retailer’s electronics departments in droves – at virtually every location. Not all of us made it in time, discovering that the GenTouch 78 had sold out on a Sunday and that Kmart was issuing rain checks as soon as Tuesday. That’s one popular product. But for those of us unlucky… Read more

Augen $150 Kmart tablet

Everyone loves a good deal, and I hope it’s safe to say that Augen’s 7-inch Android tablet is a great deal at just $149.99, but I’ve never used a product from the Florida-based company so I’ll have to wait and see what other folks think of the devices once they’ve had their hands on one…or until I find one at my local Kmart. Yep, this one is going… Read more