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Google’s Project Glass begins testing out in the wild

We’ve heard about Google’s augmented-reality glasses in the past, but up until now it’s just been a rumor born from Google’s secret labs. But, it looks like employees from Google X, one of the labs within Google, are ready to start talking about their plans, and they want you to be part of the conversation. They’ve just started a new thread this morning via… Read more

WalkSafe leads you away from traffic

The assimilation of the smartphone into our daily lives has been a relatively quick process. Most people that own a smartphone can’t imagine going back to a “feature phone” simply because of how much they have grown to rely on the phone’s functionality. They keep track of your appointments and are often the main vehicle for communication. Now, they can… Read more

Layar facilitates Disney AR campaign

In a push for the motion picture, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Disney has employed the augmented reality app Layar to produce the World’s first AR outdoor advertizing campaign. The promotional film posters seen below feature instructions for Android and iPhone users: launch the app when near a poster with GPS on. The user’s location is then compared… Read more

All Day I Dream About Augmented Reality

How much would you pay for a pair of Adidas sneakers that could be acknowledged by your webcam and then used to control a special 3D world created just for those sneakers? About as much as you would pay for any ol’ pair or Adidas? Good, because that’s what Adidas plans on doing with a upcoming line of at least 5 men’s sneakers to be released in 2010…. Read more

Layar is going 3D

Certainly one of the coolest augmented reality apps out there, Layar, is about to go 3D. As gimmicky as this may first seem upon first viewing of the inevitably popular Pac Man video, the venue labeling demo below shows that the tech has practical applications. It will be dropping this November with Layar 3.o. Via Into… Read more