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Fleksy Keyboard, From Creators Of BlindType, May Be Magic

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuLFcZ0O05M&feature=player_embedded BlindType never made it, due to being bought by Google and integrated into Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard. While the implementation was good, and ICS keyboard turned out great, the autocorrect wasn’t quite as good as BlindType showed off. Well it might be getting a second shot at big… Read more

CES: Parrot ASTEROID Android car audio system

Parrot’s new car audio receiver does more than play music, though it will accept input from iPhone/iPods, other media players, SD cards, and USB. This car stereo happens to be powered by Android. It comes with a GPS dongle and will support a 3G key that you supply. WIth these two features the unit will recognize location, help with directions,… Read more

Free app RepairPal for Android launched

RepairPal quickly brings information to users regarding the 100 most common repairs for 40 different car makes and provides rapid access to roadside assistance services. With nearly 1 million users of its iPhone release, RepairPal is responding to a flood of inquiries about Android and BlackBerry versions of the app. RepairPal is free in the Android… Read more