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(Update: Fake?) Google Babble Screenshots Leaked Again, Announcement Likely At Google I/O?

Update: According to a few reports around the net, these images have been checked against Photoshop and proven to be falsified. Who fakes Babble pictures anyway?  It’s round two for the Google Babble screenshot with a brand new shot acquired by 9to5Google. The new images show off a different look than the desktop shots we’ve seen previously leaked… Read more

Babble May Be Google’s Unified Chat Service

Google’s messaging services may all be good in their own way, but they’re a mess. Google Talk is light and quick, but far too barebones. It is not the texting replacement iMessage or BBM do well as. Google Hangouts for video messaging are just awesome, and work better than anything I have ever tried. Then there is Google+ chat and many other services… Read more