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Backflip unboxing from PhoneDog

I can’t say I’m super excited about this one but Moto’s follow-up to the Cliq is AT&T’s first Android and employs a nifty method for navigating the screen called backtrack (not to mention that kooky out-facing folding QWERTY). This one hits stores on March 7th for $99.99 on contract. I got to play with the Backflip a bit at CES and it was a nice looking… Read more

Moto Backflip Hands On

Looks like Engadget has their hands on a brand spankin’ new Motorola Backflip, AT&T branded, and the verdict isn’t great. Just about everything you would want to see in a hands on review is in there, including how AT&T has decided to make the default search for everything is Yahoo!… I honestly don’t even know what to say here, this may be a… Read more

AT&T announces the Motorola Backflip

I got to check this one out in Las Vegas last month, and I walked away from the even wishing that the phone had some better specs (it is a budget device) and wondering if that keyboard, which is on the back of the phone when not in use, would be damaged in my pocket. The backtrack feature is pretty neat – allowing you no navigate the screen without… Read more

AT&T Android Coming Soon

We’ve all been waiting for this, and here it finally is. AT&T has announced on their website that in the next four months, there will be an Android handset from Motorola, HTC, and Dell. You can head to the Android promotion site here for all the details and to sign up for e-mail alerts of when more info will be available. We know about the Backflip,… Read more

Motorola Backflip and Droid / Cliq Will See 2.1

Co-CEO of Motorola, Sanjay Jha, has given the mobile world another big dose of Android joy by officially announcing the Motorola Backflip and letting everyone know the Droid / Cliq will see Android 2.1 as soon as possible. AT&T users should get ready (but not too ready) for what could possibly be their very first Android phone, the Motorola… Read more

Is Moto’s Backflip headed for AT&T?


You remember the Backflip, right? It’s that phone by Motorola with the keyboard that faces outward when the phone is closed. Open the phone like a book, and you see the screen and keys. Engadget has some new details, including an April or May launch on AT&T. It’s all unconfirmed, but check out the additional tech info: Supposedly, when open, the… Read more

Motorola Motus, a.k.a. Backflip: first image and specs

This is preliminary leaked info, so pretty much everything is subject to change. Still, what we’re seeing makes sense and lines up with FCC docs so this is probably at least close to what we can expect in the final product. Android and Me has posted the image below, which depicts a phone with a reverse keyboard – i.e., when the phone is closed, a QWERTY is… Read more