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Barnes And Noble Announces Second Quarter Results, Nook Sales Doubled Over Thanksgiving Weekend

Taking a page right out of the Amazon playbook, Barnes and Noble announced their second quarter fiscal results this morning along with a choice quote on Nook sales over Thanksgiving weekend. In its press release, Barns and Noble highlights that Nook sales “doubled over the four-day Black Friday weekend, across all channels, based on information… Read more

Barnes and Noble Nook family could be landing in the UK soon

In the United Kingdom, while Barnes and Noble is an obvious presence, the bookseller’s digital readers/tablets are nowhere to be found. What’s worse, though, is that Barnes and Noble isn’t all that up-front about when the devices could be coming to the region in a major launch. That could be changing soon, though, if a new report from E-book Magazine pans… Read more

Barnes and Noble 8GB Nook Tablet available now

It was only yesterday that we reported on a leaked internal Walmart document that showed a new Nook Tablet coming down the pipe. That original document suggested that the “new” tablet would be coming to market on the 22nd of February, which is tomorrow, but it looks like Barnes and Noble wanted to get ahead of the leak. The book seller has officially made… Read more

Nook Tablet with 8GB of storage rumored to go on sale soon

As it stands right now, Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet is raking in the money due to its low-cost, and easy accessibility. It’s easily one of the most popular Android-based tablets out there, even if Amazon did manage to skin it and customize it to the point where you can barely tell it’s Android running behind the scenes. With its 8GB of storage, and $200… Read more

Barnes and Noble Nook Color receives Ice Cream Sandwich port

When Barnes and Noble released the Nook Color, it turned into a cheap Android tablet with plenty of community development. It was one of the few tablets to receive a Honeycomb port, and the developers are at it again. This time the OS version is Android 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich. This is an early port, and should be treated as such. Not everything is… Read more

Barnes and Noble NOOK Tablet software update to v1.4.1 blocks loading third-party applications

While the original NOOK Color wasn’t a tablet in every sense of the word, the device’s Android roots made it possible for folks out there to make it a plausible tablet alternative, without spending a lot of money for a tablet. Well, Barnes and Noble decided to actually make a device that acted more like a tablet right out of the box, and the NOOK Tablet has… Read more

Barnes and Noble Nook Color receives official update, features Netflix and more

While Barnes and Noble isn’t going to necessarily say you shouldn’t buy their latest and greatest, the Nook Tablet, the bookstore isn’t going to forget about those who purchased the device that started it all for the company, either. Barnes and Noble has officially released the latest major software update for their Nook Color, and there’s plenty of new… Read more

Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet torn down

When there are new gadgets on the scene, fan-favorite site iFixit usually has some great and glorious plans for them. While we try to cherish our devices, making sure they don’t fall apart on us, they love to tear them open and find out what makes them tick. This time around they got their hands on the Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet. It doesn’t look like… Read more

Nook for Android gets updated, brings Newsstand along with it

If you’re running the Nook for Android application, then chances are that you’ve been prompted to update it. However, if you haven’t, then there’s a chance you may have received an email telling you that an update is available. The update is designed to not only bring some bug fixes to the application, but also add some new features and graphical changes… Read more