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3 Helpful Battery Saving Tips [Video]

One of the most frustrating things about owning one of the latest high end devices is the painfully quick battery drain. Some phones like the Galaxy SIII and RAZR MAXX have shipped with larger batteries, but the latest large, high resolution displays, beefy processors and power hungry radios aren’t helping the situation. Radios High data speeds… Read more

Battery Widget: Reborn! [Video]

I am guilty of checking out my battery stats on Android several times a day, musing over screen on time, percentages, etc. While it’s pretty functional and good looking, Android’s battery graph doesn’t do averages. And for that, this is an awesome application. It’s definitely worth checking out if you care anything about your Android device’s battery… Read more

Samsung Galaxy SIII Accessories Shown Off To Camera

The official Samsung Galaxy SIII accessories received a little attention, each getting their own small video demoing them. Unfortunately, it seems that they didn’t have an actual Galaxy SIII to show how they work, but it’s nice to get a look at the accessories nonetheless. First accessory is the Samsung C-Pen. The first thing that comes to mind is of… Read more

Would you sacrifice battery life for a free app?

One of the biggest problems Android has faced is issues with battery life. No matter how much people hate to admit, it’s a known fact that most Android phones can’t make it through the day. Now this doesn’t apply to all handsets (although it does to just about any HTC handset running Sense), but we’re sure most owners would like to get the most out of their… Read more

Best Galaxy Nexus Accessories [Video]

The Galaxy Nexus has been in the hands of the public for nearly a month today. While the phone is still being sold in stores and online, Verizon somehow managed so continue to botch the launch with a severe lack of stock of Galaxy Nexus accessories. Verizon’s 2100mAh extended battery, car dock and desktop docks have been mysteriously difficult to find in… Read more

Top 3 Battery Myths [Video]

About 100% of the rechargeable battery powered electronics released in 2011 have been lithium-ion powered. This applies to everything from laptops to smartphones to smart cars. If your phone has a rechargeable battery, chances are it’s a lithium-ion battery. Ever wondered about calibrating your battery or how charging works? You need to watch… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Nexus comes with more juice for South Korea

With all the hype about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus growing exponentially within the past few months, the question that’s been the question for most Android users has been: will it last? No, literally, will it survive the whole day? Battery life has not been the best on Android phones and when it comes to the Galaxy Nexus, the apple can’t fall too far from… Read more