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Battery Technology Rant [Video]

Mobile devices have come a long way in the years we’ve been covering Android here at DroidDog. Display technologies have evolved significantly, processor speeds and graphics power have increased exponentially and phones have reached minimums in size. Tablets are thinner and more powerful than ever, and feature newer technologies like 4G radios, NFC… Read more

Maximize the HTC Thunderbolt Battery

If you saw our HTC Thunderbolt review video a few days ago you’ve likely already noted that one of the weakest points of this device is its pitiful battery life. Sporting a slightly dissapointing 1400mAh battery, it’s no surprise that the Thunderbolt’s 4.3” screen, 1GHz processor, 4G connectivity and other high end hardware and software leave… Read more

15 Hour Battery with SetCPU

Are you a smartphone users who often dreams of an all-day battery life with constant use? If you’re reading this, most likely yes. Do most smartphones have batteries large enough to carry 12 hours of juice? Nope. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of high end smartphones out there that boast 1700mAH and 1900mAH batteries, yet the devices… Read more

MKB Reviews: Itching Thumb

Itching thumb, despite its awkward name, is a really intuitive task switching application for Android. With either a double tap of the home button or a long hold of the search key you can activate it and begin making your way around its refreshing new interface. This application is perfect for people who often find themselves switching between open… Read more

App(s) review: JuiceDefender & UltimateJuice

48 hours of regular Nexus One use; always on, no charging. That’s what JuiceDefender (free) and its partner app, UltimateJuice (€2.79; $3.76 at the time of this writing) have done for me. JuiceDefender, on its own, is a great app. With it, you can set up a profile that will determine under what conditions your data connection will be active and for how… Read more