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Poll: Will You Use BlackBerry Messenger For Android?

Back in 2009, I had a rad BlackBerry 8900 on T-Mobile and loved that phone.  I also loved using BlackBerry Messenger because I could get around having to pay for a large texting package with my unlimited data plan.  I think I had the lowest texting plan I could which was like 250 texts a month which suited me fine with me and my BBM.  I still… Read more

BBM for Android Officially Canned

For the past couple of years now we’ve all heard of rumors and reports that BBM (Blackberry Messenger) will make it’s way into the Android platform. This was in the works for quite some time now and we’ve even seen screen-shots of it on an Android phone. And now after all this time, we can finally put it to rest and confirm that it is after all not coming… Read more

Blackberry Messenger Software Spotted On Android Again?

If you’re an Android user but you’ve long wanted to see features of your Blackberry handset make their way over to the Android platform. According to TechnoBuffalo, RIM’s uber-popular BBM service is once again spotted in the wild running on an Android handset. Are the images legit? TechnoBuffalo says so though their source isn’t aware of how far along… Read more

BlackBerry Messenger making its way to Android

Any time a decent non-SMS messaging app comes out for Android, one of the first things always said is how the app stacks up against BlackBerry Messenger. There are plenty that have been really good, but RIM has it down. Of course as time goes on, those messaging apps are improving — so much so that they’re being bought up by companies like Facebook. So… Read more