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Beats Audio ported to non-HTC devices

Recently, HTC released the API for Beats Audio, which would allow developers to bring the technology to HTC-branded devices that previously weren’t rocking the feature, as well as expand the functionality on handsets that were using it. However, no one should be surprised that developers have also managed to port the technology to other handsets,… Read more

HTC releases Beats Audio API for developers

There were plenty of devices that launched late last year to offer up Beats Audio Technology, the result of a deal that HTC created in 2011. But, while Beats Audio is a great idea in theory, as it is definitely a feature that stands out amongst the Android crowd, it wasn’t exactly what people thought it was. In fact, the “feature” only worked in the stock… Read more

HTC One V also being unveiled at Mobile World Congress

HTC’s new naming structure is interesting, to say the least. While nothing has been confirmed as of yet, the new “One…” series of devices may be enough to promote HTC’s new “quality over quantity” strategy. Then again, if we keep hearing about upcoming devices, that may just go right out the window. This time around it’s the One V, which is rumored to be… Read more

HTC Sensation XL officially announced

Ever since the announcement that HTC would be incorporating Beats Audio Technology into their devices, we’ve been waiting to get official word on the next latest and greatest from HTC. Now that time has come, and now you’re looking at it. This is the HTC Sensation XL, and this shiny piece of technology is the next handset to feature Beats Audio… Read more