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Behold II update finally being delivered

Trust me, I know. You don’t have to say it. Who cares? Right? I know there is someone, somewhere, who will be thankful for this post. The Samsung Behold II, is finally receiving 1.6. We all know it’s not 2.1, but it’s something right? No more black and white market right? There’s also a better gallery and updates to search. In a perfect world, this… Read more

My Samsung Behold 2 video collection

As I did with HTC’s Eris, I’ve collected all of the Samsung Behold 2 videos that I produced for DroidDog and PhoneDog in one place for holiday shopping research. There are five Behold videos total, including your questions and requests. Customization: If you’re reading this on the DroidDog home page, click on through for four more videos…. Read more

How to root the Behold II

I just finished shooting a painful video review of Behold. Some phones just don’t behave the way you would like them to. Some reviews just don’t go smoothly for other reasons. This one was a basket full of both. In the end, I dumped home and keyboard replacements on Behold and said, “this is your best bet.” I feel like I shouldn’t be too harsh on it because… Read more

Behold II on Verizon? Nawwwww

This is an interesting tidbit submitted to Android and Me by a fan. Samsungs product page for the Behold II – titled Clearly superior (really?) shows four icons under the header, “3D Cube Navigation.” The image contains a VCast logo and is followed by this text: You can easily access popular multimedia programs with the 3D cube navigation button. With… Read more

Samsung Behold II

Specs: Released by: T-Mobile US on November 18th (anticipated – announcement coming November 12th.) US Cost: Notes: Features Samsung’s TouchWiz “Cube” UI; probably as seen on the Jet and (kind of) on the Omnia HD…. Read more

Samsung’s Behold 2: unboxing and hands-on

Overall, my first impressions are pretty good. Still, I think T-Mo might be aiming a bit high with the $229 on-contract price tag. The cube seems more like a bullet point than a useful feature, but I haven’t really had the chance to spend some time with it yet. The keyboard feels pretty good, but again, I need some time. One thing that stood out to me was… Read more

Behold II is official

PhoneDog’s Adriana Lee was at Samsung’s Behold event in NYC today and she’s announcing a $229 price tag on contract for the November 18th street date. (See update after the vid.) I’m not sure I like that news, T-Mo. $200 was kinda pushing it in the eyes of many consumers. The good news is the Adriana had this to say texting from the event: “It’s much… Read more

Samsung Behold II price leaks

TMoNews is at it again with the leaked T-Mobile internal documents and this one says that Behold II (which is launching on November 18th, incidentally) will cost $449 outright, $199 with a two-year contract/extension, and $22.50 a month for 20 months – interest free – on T-Mo’s new Even More Plus plans. That is, for those who are approved for that kind of… Read more

Another Behold II vid

These are coming out almost as fast as we can post them now. This one does have a sharper picture but that music is, to me, the essence of recycling recycled recyclables for the 10th time. I guess that makes it green, if nothing else. These kids today… Via… Read more

Samsung’s Behold II Cube on video

It seems like we’ve been talking about the Behold II for a long time. It seems like we’ve seen the phone a dozen times and that someone’s done a horrible job of keeping secrets. Yet less that two weeks before the launch date – November 18th – we still don’t know (for sure anyway) the most basic, important specs; like CPU speed, for example. At least now we… Read more