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LG Eclypse 4G for Bell and Virgin Mobile in Canada now available

If you’re up in Canada and under the wing of either Bell Mobility or Virgin Mobile and you’re looking for a cheap Android phone to get your hands on, then the LG Eclypse may be just the phone for you. Even with the no contract pricing, which you can see above, the 4G-capable phone is pretty cheap, which should speak volumes to anyone looking for a phone for… Read more

LG Optimus LTE hits Bell

Bell released the much-lauded LG Optimus LTE today. It comes out of the gates running Android 2.3 and of course, as most of you know, it is the first phone with a “True HD” display at 1280 x 720 pixel resolution. Snag yours today for $149.95 on a 3-year contract or cut the strings and pay up front for $629.95. This racehorse of a phone sports a 1.5 GHz… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Bell launching December 8

Well, there you have it. We told you that Bell was teasing the impending launch of the first Android 4.0-equipped handset, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but that they hadn’t unveiled a launch date at the time. That has officially changed today, as the Canadian carrier has pulled the curtain off the date, and it’s right around the corner. No, it isn’t a… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Bell teased

While here in the States we’re still waiting for Verizon to give us an exact date as to when the Galaxy Nexus will launch, international markets are already starting to see more and more of the device. We know that the handset will land in the European market this week, but a few other markets have still been a relative mystery. Adding to the mystery is… Read more

HTC Holiday landing on Bell and Rogers in Canada sometime in the fourth quarter

While we’re still waiting for any and additional information about the HTC Holiday, it looks like Canadian Android fans who have been keeping tabs on this device, better known as the Raider 4G up in the Great North, may have something else to get excited about now. While we know the device will launch on AT&T’s LTE network here in the States sometime before… Read more

Motorola Atrix available on Bell now

Ready for your first dose of dual-core goodness Canada? Starting today, the Motorola Atrix is available for purchase on Bell Mobility. Here’s the breakdown: As far as pricing goes, you’re looking at $599.95 off contract; $574.95 with a one-year; $549.95 for a two-year; and on a three-year contract, you’ll pay $169.95 with a qualifying plan of $50… Read more

Oh Canada, prepare yourselves for Atrix

Did you catch our CES coverage of Motorola’s Atrix? While some of the features of this flexible and capable device may be left dormant by a majority of its owners, the Motorola Atrix was clearly one of the more impressive products to be unveiled in Vegas this year. The dual-core monster is almost certainly headed for AT&T on March 1st and will be… Read more

LG Optimus Chic coming to Bell Mobility

Available as soon as January 14th, Bell Mobility subscribers will have access to their “first entry-level Android smartphone” – The LG Optimus Chic. Riding the coattails of success other Optimus series devices have had here in the States, The Optimus Chic aims to do Android on a budget, with a sense of style kept in mind. Specs on the device aren’t… Read more

HTC Desire Z going for $0.01 CA over the next three days

Canadians looking for a bargain on a hot new Android this season should head to their nearest Future Shop (sale good in-store only) to check out the deal they’re running on the HTC Desire Z through December 23rd. With a new three-year Bell agreement, you can have this QWERTY-packing smartphone for just $0.01 Canadian. No only that, but you’ll also get a… Read more