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Motorola RAZR i Benchmarked, Intel Medfield Tested

The Motorola RAZR i contains the new Intel Medfield processor, clocked at a whopping 2GHz. We know it’s some impressive tech, but how does it stack up against the competition? Well the RAZR i was pitted against the Snapdragon S4 wielding RAZR M and a ZTE Grand X IN with a 1.6GHz Medfield Z2460. Here are the results: The Intel processor is… Read more

Early Samsung Galaxy S II benchmarks bring the heat

While it may be true that benchmark scores don’t necessarily reflect how any device will function in real-world activities, they do show what kind of raw power a phone is working with. Just take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S II’s recent benchmarks; that TouchWiz overlay might have a tendency to slow things down a bit, but there’s no denying the device is a… Read more

HTC Pyramid benchmarked

The freshly leaked HTC Pyramid –pictured for the first time yesterday here– has been put under the microscope by the folks at Smartphone Benchmarks, and so far, things aren’t looking so good. Using a dual-core processor, the Pyramid easily beat the Galaxy S, Droid 2, and G2 among others in terms of CPU performance. However, it failed to meet the… Read more