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Deals: Best Buy Holding 24 Hour Galaxy S III Sale, Just $99

There are deals and then there are deals you shouldn’t pass up and this special offer from Best Buy falls into the latter group. For 24 hours only, Best Buy is holding a special sale on the Galaxy S III good for new lines and qualifying upgrades for just $99. Best Buy only has 16GB units available, but that doesn’t make this any less of an attractive… Read more

Best Buy Posts LG Spectrum 2 On Site

In a strange but not unexpected move for Best Buy, they have posted details on the LG Spectrum 2 for Verizon Wireless on their site, selling it for full price (being sold out though). They’ve given us a full spec sheet, telling us everything we wanted to know about the upcoming device. This is what you will be getting (if you get it that is): 4.7″… Read more

Verizon Galaxy Nexus Receiving OTA Update To Address Lingering Signal Issues – Users Rejoice

It was reported a few weeks back, that a number of Verizon customers that have replacement Galaxy Nexus devices were experiencing significant signal issues. Unfortunately if you were one of these people to have this major issue, you were seeing you were unable to hold a 4G connection for more than a few minutes before it would drop. Users of the… Read more