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Nexus S connected to 42″ touch screen

How’s this for a holiday gift? A Best Buy in San Carlos, CA has rigged up a Nexus S with a 42″ touch screen display and apparently some mirrors for camera functionality. The result is a rather non-responsive but nonetheless cool giant phone. Jason Kincaid from Tech Crunch grabbed a Best Buy employee to pull camera duties so he could take us for a spin… Read more

Grab a Galaxy Tab at Best Buy for $499, no contract required

If you’re tired of waiting for the Wi-Fi-only version of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, why not grab the Verizon flavor and then drop the data plan after the first month? Best Buy is selling the tablet for $499 with no contract required, though you do need to set up a VZW account and activate to purchase. But you can ditch that data almost immediately and run that… Read more

An early look at Best Buy’s Black Friday deals

With Black Friday only 2 weeks away from today, it should come as no surprise that we get to take a sneak peek at some of the deals major corporations will be handing out. So what kind of deals can we expect to see from Best Buy? Of course this certainly isn’t all, but it’s a good start: HTC Droid Incredible Cell Phone – $1 w/Verizon 2-Year… Read more

Best Buy to sell Wi-Fi only Galaxy Tab for $499

Last week, Verizon announced they’re selling the 3G version of the Galaxy Tab for $599 without any contract. To some, that seems a little too in line with the iPad’s, the big name in the tablet field. Best Buy is now advertising a Wi-Fi only version of the 7″ tablet for $499.99. The cheaper price tag and the savings on monthly data plans should make the… Read more