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Jelly Bean Update For T-Mobile One S Starts Beta Trials

HTC has been rolling out Jelly Bean to HTC One S owners around the world, but as we know, US carrier phones are always late. Luckily, the T-Mobile One S isn’t too far behind. A lucky group of customers have been selected to test the upcoming Jelly Bean update in beta form. This means that the official update isn’t too far off, and hopefully T-Mobile… Read more

Famous Forum App Tapatalk Gets Tablet Version On Play Store In Beta

Tapatalk has been a great app to browse forums easily, used by many people for many different sites. However, tablets have always been left out of the equation. The app was made for phones and only phones. For all the tablet users out there who want their fix, you finally have the option. Tapatalk HD Beta has hit the Play Store for free, so now you can… Read more

Solid Explorer Out Of Beta, Turns Into Trial, Full Version $1.99

Solid Explorer has been updated today, dropping the Beta tag and being released as a full product. A fan favorite for its UI, Solid Explorer has a fairly big user base. Unfortunately, there is a complication. As soon as you update, your Solid Explorer turns into a two week trial. The unlocker costs only $1.99, and the developer deserves to get paid for… Read more

SwiftKey Flow Is Coming In Less Than 24 Hours

You probably already know how excited we are about SwiftKey Flow. To me, it’s a bigger app release than any game could muster. As the app I use most, SwiftKey is central to the operation of my Android phone. SwiftKey Flow just aims to make it much better, and from the looks of it, it will easily succeed. CMO of SwiftKey Joe Braidwood just made… Read more

SwiftKey Flow Beta Starting Soon, Sign Up Now!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kA5Horw_SOE If you have forgotten, here’s a reminder: SwiftKey Flow is near the start of public beta testing, so prepare yourself. If you haven’t signed up for access to the beta, hit the source link and do so now! If you have, you should have received an email from them today. SwiftKey Flow is a new upcoming feature in… Read more

Echofon For Android Beta Makes Its Way To Google Play

As any good Twitter addict would know, there’s plenty of mobile options to get your tweet fix. Android can add another one to the tally board, as Echofon for Android has just hit Google Play. Prior to now it was only available on iOS, but the client has now extended to Android. It’s good to see developers keeping up the development of Twitter… Read more

Swype Beta Updated To 1.3, Many New Features

Swype Beta has received a hearty update to version 1.3, and it brings a lot of new and very useful features. The first you notice is probably the look. Swype now comes with 10 different themes that you can choose from, and though they look very similar, it’s a very nice touch. They also have a new feature called “Hotwords,” which populates your… Read more

Chameleon Launcher Beta First Impressions

One of the best features of Android is the ability to chose from a variety of home replacements, also called launchers. While there’s about a half dozen popular launchers to chose from, there’s only two or three that really stand out. Software developer Teknision is looking to add its own home replacement to the mix, named Chameleon. While still in beta,… Read more