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µTorrent Client For Android, Beta But Not Lacking Features

The official µTorrent client for Android has been released. Best of all, it’s free and has absolutely no limitations. Not speed, not file size, nothing. You download what you want. Of course, this app is still in beta, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking anything. If you find anything, be sure to email the devs with bug reports. They’re asking for… Read more

Dolphin Browser With New Dolphin Engine Hits Beta, Available Now

Dolphin Browser is getting the makeover we have been waiting for, but this makeover is all internal. This new beta will be running on their new Dolphin Engine. They’ve been hyping this new engine for a while, and if what they say is true, this will be one impressive ride. A few claims they made: 5-10X faster than the default Android browser 100%… Read more

Battery Widget: Reborn! [Video]

I am guilty of checking out my battery stats on Android several times a day, musing over screen on time, percentages, etc. While it’s pretty functional and good looking, Android’s battery graph doesn’t do averages. And for that, this is an awesome application. It’s definitely worth checking out if you care anything about your Android device’s battery… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S III Smart Stay Copy App Needs Beta Testers

Samsung has come out with a lot of dope features with their new flagship Galaxy S III device.  However, the phone really isn’t really that much more functional than the ones we already own, it’s just got some rad baked in features like burst shot, S Voice, and smart stay are a few.  So, developers have been hard at work porting over S Voice or creating… Read more

XDA Developers is Changing Their Look

This isn’t device news, but if you own a Android device, this should be somewhat exciting news for you.  The extremely popular XDA Developers forums is testing a new beta layout for their forums.  If you’re not familiar with the XDA forums, I highly suggest you start snooping around there if you’re planning on doing any type of modification for your… Read more