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BLACK FRIDAY: Bargain round-up (watch for updates)

There are simply too many Android deals and steals out there for us to over all of them, but we’ll do our best to keep this post updated and you informed about where you should be looking for basement bargains and crazy holiday promos. If you’ve been to busy catching up with relatives to do the virtual legwork, and haven’t a clue about who’s got the… Read more

BLACK FRIDAY: The Shack has Android discounts

Everybody’s gearing up for swarms of Black Friday shoppers, and Android phones are a big draw this year. The geek grocery formally known as Radio Shack–The Shack–has a few Androids on display at discounted rates. Included in the list of free gadgets (with a new agreement and rebates) are the LG Optimus, Samsung Intercept, Captivate, and Transform. Among… Read more

BLACK FRIDAY: Amazon’s Android attack

If you’re avoiding Dell’s outstanding Android bargins in favor of a retailer you’re familiar with, check out Amazon’s smartphone promo, which features several handfuls of Androids starting at just a penny. The one cent selection includes Captivate, Incredible, Aria, Flipside, Bravo, Intercept, Optimus, Citrus, and Devour, amongst others. Fresher, hotter… Read more

BLACK FRIDAY: Dell’s Droid deals

Dell’s online shop is offering up some killer Android deals at the moment, including the HTC EVO at $99.99, Droid Pro at 49.99, Motorola DROID X for $9.99 (yes you read that correctly), and the HTC Incredible for FREE! All of those prices require a two-year agreement, but shipping and activation are on the house. The wow doesn’t stop there, either. Head… Read more