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BlackBerry PlayBook being offered free for Android developers who repackage their apps

We learned that RIM would finally be bringing Android apps to their BlackBerry PlayBook, but it didn’t seem like the most exciting offer. They are now offering a deal, and every Android developer who repackages their app and submits it to the Blackberry App World by February 13 will receive a Playbook gratis. By doing this it appears RIM is trying to add… Read more

Research In Motion sponsoring 50 developer meetups to promote Android apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook

One of the bullet points for Research In Motion’s BlackBerry PlayBook, the company’s very first tablet device, is that they have always planned on running Android applications on it. That’s great for those developers out there who want to keep their development model strictly Android, but wouldn’t mind promoting their applications in other markets. To… Read more

Video: Blackberry playbook running Android apps

RIM’s Blackberry Playbook tablet can download (via App World) and run (via the App Player) Android applications. They launch and run as any other BB application, and for the user, there is no distinction between BB and Android apps, once the App Player is running. As you can see, performance is impressive and the experience does indeed appear to be… Read more

PhoneDog tablet sweepstakes: Complete list of winning numbers

It’s almost done, folks. We’ve completed the drawings for PhoneDog’s tablet contest, but the sweepstakes aren’t completely over just yet. We’ve got a lot of numbers belonging to people who need to contact us to claim their prizes! The winning numbers, along with instructions on finding your numbers, and instructions for claiming prizes, are below. This… Read more

PhoneDog will draw more tablet numbers tonight at 8 ET

That’s right, folks. We’ve still got some tablets (iPads, Galaxy Tabs, and BlackBerry Playbooks) to give away and Aaron will be going live at 8 PM Eastern, 5 Pacific to draw winning ticket numbers. Tune in to watch the drawing LIVE and check PhoneDog’s official winning numbers post for info on claiming prizes. CHECK YOUR NUMBERS, FOLKS!!!! Want… Read more

Third round of winning numbers drawn in tablet sweepstakes!

Ten more numbers were drawn last night in PhoneDog’s 100 iPad and Tablet Sweepstakes, in which we’re giving away one tablet for every 5,000 sweepstakes entries, up to 100 tablets! Winners choose from an Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and Blackberry Playbook. We drew the first ten winning numbers on Monday, January 17th; the second set of ten on Thursday,… Read more

Another Tablet sweepstakes drawing: Tonight at 8 Eastern!

Don’t forget, folks. We will be drawing more numbers tonight for our 100 iPad & Tablet Sweepstakes! Watch LIVE tonight at 8 PM Eastern, 5 PM Pacific. We are giving away one tablet for every 5,000 entires (up to 100) and winners can choose between an Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry Playbook. This is the third drawing so far. If you change your… Read more