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Verizon Galaxy Note II Gets Rooted, No Bootloader Unlock Yet

Less than a week after release, Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Note II has been rooted. Considering all the bloatware carriers put on phones these days, root is very important (even if you never flash a ROM). Unfortunately, even if you wanted to flash a ROM, you couldn’t. A custom recovery for the Verizon Note II doesn’t exist yet, and the bootloader remains… Read more

Verizon Adding Amazon App Suite To New Android Smartphones

Bloatware may be one of our least favorite aspects in all of wireless, especially on newly released Android devices which is why it pains me to say that Verizon is moving full steam ahead with the introduction of a new suite of Amazon apps. While some carriers are taking the opposite approach and (thankfully) removing the number of pre-installed… Read more

HTC One S Getting Sense 4.1 Update In Europe

It has been reported that the Android 4.0.4 update is being pushed to unlocked HTC One S devices all over Europe through OTA. This comes about a week after the One X got the same update. It bumps the version of Sense to 4.1, which is a big update. This should fix some bugs, make the camera faster, and if it’s anything like the update for its bigger… Read more