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AT&T Buys $1.9 Billion Worth Of 700MHz Spectrum From Verizon

Once upon a time, Verizon stumbled upon a very rare chance to buy a nationwide license for a 700MHz Upper C block of spectrum. Though most spectrum is sold by region, they managed to snap up a massive amount of spectrum all at once. To this day, Verizon has used that spectrum to roll out their LTE basically everywhere they can, while other carriers have… Read more

Verizon Explains Google Wallet Needs To Remove Secure NFC Access To Be Allowed On VZ Phones

Verizon has a history of blocking apps, like various tethering apps and Google Wallet. The FCC already cracked down on the former, but Wallet is still unusable on all Verizon devices (that is, without some modding). Verizon has responded to an FCC complaint explaining why they don’t allow Google Wallet on their phones. Their reasoning is that the app… Read more