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The GameKlip Mounts Your Phone Onto A Sixaxis Controller

When first seeing this, my jaw dropped. So elegant, but so simple. It’s a mount that wraps around your PS3 sixaxis controller and attaches your phone above it, making it into a makeshift portable console. Since we all know the biggest flaw with hardcore gaming on phones is the control scheme. Touch screen controls don’t quite cut it, even when they’re… Read more

Pebble Smartwatch Delayed, Production To Start “Soon”

The record-breaking, Kickstarter-funded Pebble smartwatch has had its shipping date pushed back. Unfortunately, units won’t begin shipping in September as previously planned. The company provided us with the following statement.  In terms of our schedule, we’re sticking pretty closely to an aggressive timetable we put together at the end of May. While… Read more

Bluetooth SIG Certification Reveals The Sony LT30

Sony hasn’t had the same level of Android influence as other manufacturers like Samsung and HTC but that isn’t stopping them from creating Android phones. The latest leak reveals that the Sony LT30 has been given Bluetooth SIG certification. It reveals some of the specifications such as a 4.6″ 720p display with Sony’s mobile BRAVIA engine, a… Read more

Sprint Galaxy SIII Confirmed By Bluetooth SIG

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has approved the Sprint Galaxy SIII. This means that all four carriers have had SIII variants approved by the Bluetooth SIG, meaning that all four carriers are getting the phone. Samsung has always wanted to put their Galaxy line of phones on every carrier possible (often putting multiple Galaxy phones on each… Read more

Free Your (Samsung) Phone’s Potential with FoxFi

In light of recent updates, and carriers cracking down free tethering, there’s still hope out there to get full use out of your data plans for you non-rooted users.  FoxFi is a simple, easy to use app, made to work around your carrier’s wifi hotspot system so you can have fun on your tablets, computers, or whatever you want to bring to life with a wifi… Read more

SteelSeries announces Ion wireless controller for Android

For those of our readers that are avid PC gamers, SeelSeries is a company that doesn’t need any introduction. Their Ikari line of mice has delivered headshots aplenty and now it looks like the company has decided to spread its proverbial wings and soar into new territory. SteelSeries recently announced that they have developed a new controller for use with… Read more

Broadcom to keep your Bluetooth device running for a decade

Bluetooth peripherals permeate the mobile industry. In just about every piece of mobile hardware, Bluetooth is now the industry standard for most of the wireless accessory market. For all the fans out there, Broadcom has announced a new technology they claim will bring a 10-year battery life in keyboards and other human-interface peripherals. Broadcom’s… Read more