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Google Play Books Adds Preorders, So You Can…Preorder Books

If you’ve been patiently awaiting the opportunity to preorder books from the Google Play Store, you can now do exactly that. The preorder section within Google Play Books allows you to — order books before they go on sale and have them delivered upon release. Simple, easily and ready for your reading pleasure. Let’s just hope they deliver books better… Read more

Google Revamps Play Books, Now More Than A Simple Reading App

Those tablet owners who use their devices for e-readers, Google is looking to improve your experience. Google Play Books is receiving an update, and this isn’t your typical 3MB bug-fixer. Included are a plethora of new features, including in-app translation, the ability to highlight and take notes, a built-in dictionary, and Places integration. If… Read more

Amazon Has Kindle Fire HD 7″ Model Too, $199

The 7″ Kindle Fire HD is pretty much identical to the 8.9″ HD, except for the size. It’s powered by the same dual core OMAP 4470, has the same dual Wi-Fi antennas, dual speakers, 16GB of storage, and HD front facing camera. With that size difference also comes a price difference: the Kindle Fire HD 7″ will be a clean $199. The screen resolution has not… Read more

Kobo Challenges The Big Boys With Its Own 7″ Tablet

Remember those times you went to Best Buy, walking around aimlessly, not looking for anything but just content to walk through a sea of technology? Ever walked past the e-reader section? Of course you see Amazon Kindles, and some Barnes and Noble Nooks. Maybe you’ll see a Sony Reader (which are really nice by the way!). But one will probably never catch… Read more

Pre-order Craig Johnston’s book, My Droid, from Amazon

What’s the first thing you do when you get a new phone? Scour YouTube for videos that show off its features? Do you check the OEM or carrier websites for hints? Or, like most of us, do you just fiddle with the thing and see what you can make it do? Well that last method might lead to proficiency but with a little extra research, you just might uncover some… Read more

Book review: Android Apps Marketing

So you have (or someone you’ve hired has) finally made it: programming languages have been learned, ideas have been hashed out, and it’s time to move forward with a program for the Android platform. Perhaps you’ve already created an app but aren’t sure what the next step is. Or maybe you’re an experienced publisher but want to make more money with the… Read more