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App: PerApp Lets You Modify Some Settings On A Per App Basis

Have you ever wanted to make one app stop rotating without constantly toggling auto rotate in settings? If you have notification toggles, that makes the issue better, but not ideal. What you need is PerApp. It lets you toggle orientation lock, volume boost, and screen timeout length individually for each app. And if you have root, you can also adjust… Read more

Boost May Be Blessed With a Galaxy S II

Sprint has been a pretty good parent company to its subsidiaries. Both its prepaid counterparts, Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile, have been getting some pretty sweet phones to add to their arsenal. Both carriers got an Evo (Design on Boost/3D (V) on Virgin), and now it looks like Boost will be receiving one of Sprint’s more recent flagships, the Epic 4G… Read more

New Audio Chip By NXP Promises To Boost Mobile Speaker Volume

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbeR6gfO8Y4&feature=player_embedded#! Dutch company NXP is usually known for their NFC products, but they unveiled something new and quite innovative today. It’s an audio chip that will improve the sound quality of the micro speakers in mobile devices. It’s a chip that will just amplify the audio, push it up to five times… Read more