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HTC Droid Incredible, Desire Z, G2, Aria, Status and ChaCha receive unlocked bootloaders

HTC stated that they’re unlocking the bootloaders on all of their new phones, but they have now decided to unlock some of the older ones to. The HTCDev site has just been updated, and allows users to unlock the bootloaders of the Droid Incredible, Desire Z, G2, Aria, Status and ChaCha. It’s good to see that some of their older phones like the Incredible are… Read more

Motorola fans outraged, launch war against locked bootloaders

Last year many Android fans took to Facebook and Twitter to go against the major Android manufacturers for locking down phones bootloaders. Most of them promised a second half of 2011 timeframe for the unlocking to begin, and many brought that. HTC is now offering unlocking for many of its phones, and Sony Ericsson has been doing this for awhile. But one… Read more