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Is Bravo headed for T-Mo US?

You know that killer, Sense-powered sister to the Nexus One that has been confirmed by virtually every carrier across the pond but not by a one over here? I’m talking about Desire, and that it does inspire. Had I the time or the sign of an inkling, I’d write a poem for that twinkling screen upon which my fingers (multiple, true) could dance and twirl and… Read more

HTC announces Legend and Desire: Video, pics, specs


Today, HTC formally announced two new Sense devices: Legend, which will be available in Europe this April and in other parts of the world – including Asia – in the second quarter, and Desire, which will launch (also Q2) in Europe, Asia, and Australia. HTC took the opportunity to mention that a newly “enhanced HTC Sense experience” will be offered as a free… Read more

Bravo. Bravo. Bravo.

If there is one upcoming device I’m continually on the lookout for online, it’s HTC’s Sense-equipped Bravo. This thing is basically a Nexus with an optical track pad and HTC’s killer interface. Earlier depictions (computer renders) of the device hinted that it may have some LEDs atop the OEM brand, and the number of them could be consistent with a current… Read more

Sense-packing Bravo coming sooner than expected?


Engadget Mobile is reporting (via Swedroid, via 3 Sweden on Facebook) that HTC’s Sense-equipped alternative to the Nexus One will be rolling out ahead of the the only schedule info we had before, which slated the device for April. The Facebook message from the Swedish carrier, 3 Sweden was: 3 Sweden: We have just taken the decision to take on HTC… Read more