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Samsung Galaxy Note II Won’t Be Coming In Black, But May Be Coming In Ruby Wine And Amber Brown

It turns out that the pictures of the Samsung Galaxy Note II in black was just a mock-up created by a fan. That means its unlikely that Samsung will release a black version of the Samsung Galaxy Note… at least anytime soon (but hopefully it will be sometime in the future Samsung). But for those of you who want a Samsung Galaxy Note II, but for some… Read more

Verizon Adds Black And Brown Galaxy S III To Its Lineup

Now that the Galaxy S III has been out for a few months, it’s only fair to give it a few more color options. Verizon is doing just that, as they are now offering the Android device in both black and brown. The black is definitely my favorite of the two, and possibly the best looking Galaxy S III model available. If you’re interested in either of the… Read more

Verizon Will Release Black And Brown Galaxy S III

Looks like Verizon will be releasing the Galaxy S III in two new colors. A sign up sheet for more info on the black and brown S III’s is live on Verizon’s website right now, so if you want to know when these two colors will be released, hit the source link and sign up! The brown looks very interesting, only because it’s surprising that Samsung made… Read more

32GB Nexus 7 Coming Soon?

Before you ask, no, that is not the leak of another Nexus. The Nexus S is listed as the Nexus 2 in the Carphone Warehouse systems. So calm down. Calm? Good, let’s move on. The next detail is a brown Nexus 7. Brown always sounds bad for a device, but the brown Galaxy S III looks pretty good, maybe they can pull it off. Anyway, this might not even be a… Read more