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Dolphin Browser With New Dolphin Engine Hits Beta, Available Now

Dolphin Browser is getting the makeover we have been waiting for, but this makeover is all internal. This new beta will be running on their new Dolphin Engine. They’ve been hyping this new engine for a while, and if what they say is true, this will be one impressive ride. A few claims they made: 5-10X faster than the default Android browser 100%… Read more

Guide To Adobe Flash On Jelly Bean Devices

As you probably know, Jelly Bean is not supported by Adobe Flash. They will not be updating Flash to work on Jelly Bean, which is a real shame. Sure, Flash never worked too well (even on computers), but it was the fact that we had that option which made Android special in one more way. Luckily, all hope is not lost. Getting Flash working on devices… Read more

App Review: Firefox Beta For Android

I remember when the first builds of Firefox for Android came out. I was a die-hard Firefox user at the time, and I was very excited. I finally got my hands on it, and fired it up. And waited. And waited. And waited. Why is it taking so long to start? This became commonplace, as Firefox was such a heavy browser, it took ages to start. I tried to bear… Read more

Dolphin Browser HD 8.0 Review [Video]

While we’re big fans of Google Chrome for Android here at DroidDog, there’s no doubt there are some excellent third party alternatives to the mobile browsers Google offers. Dolphin Browser HD is one of this options. With its recent update to version 8.0.0, Dolphin Browser is smooth, fast and functional as ever. Enjoy the video… Read more

Firefox 9.0 updated and available for Android

If you’re a fan of Mozilla’s Firefox web Browser, then you probably have it downloaded on your phone. If you’re someone who’s been using the Browser as your mainstay go-to service to finding your way on the World Wide Web, then you’ll be happy to know the software has finally been updated to version 9.0 and it is available now in the Android Market. The… Read more

Firefox 6 for Android released, features graphical improvements and better performance

If you’re someone who loves Firefox, and have been using the mobile Beta version of the popular Web browser on your Android phone since its release, then you’ll be happy to know that the latest version has just been released by Mozilla. The latest version brings Firefox for Android up to number 6, but the update isn’t as big as some in the past. This latest… Read more

Reddit Companion released for Chrome

Today on the Reddit Blog, the release of an open source Chrome extension was announced: Reddit Companion. The Reddit-official free add-on stays out of your way when not visiting a URL that has been submitted to Reddit, but creates a toolbar at the top of your screen when a Reddit post is loaded. The bar makes for easy voting, viewing the karma of a… Read more

MKB Reviews: Dolphin Browser Mini

There are a lot of alternative browsers available on the Android market, from Skyfire to Opera Mini to Dolphin Browser HD to Xscope, and many more. One thing that separates Dolphin Mini from the rest is how fast it is on all devices. A lot of browsers have taken off with tons of features and addons and improvements that make them excellent on the latest… Read more