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Falcon Pro Updated With Offline Mode, New Translations

Falcon Pro has been a fan favorite for a long time. It’s a gorgeous Twitter client with some awesome features, and with today’s update, it gains another one that’s really unique. Offine mode will download images so you can view your timeline without a data connection. No longer will you be stuck with empty images in tweets when you’re in a bad coverage… Read more

Google Currents Updated With Audio Controls And Playlists

If you’re an avid fan of Google Currents, hope that they don’t kill it you’re in for a treat. The app has been updated with a bunch of improvements, mostly to do with audio. If your editions contain audio, you can now take advantage of playlists and music controls in the notification bar. On top of that, the app will now sync the read status of each… Read more

Minecraft Pocket Edition Updated, Adds Zombie Pigmen And Exclusive Nether Reactor

Minecraft is notorious for being released as an alpha on PC, lacking 99% of the features it has no. Slowly, Mojang added features as the game progressed from alpha to beta to a full 1.0 release. Even now, it’s still getting new stuff. Minecraft Pocket Edition doesn’t deviate from the award winning (if not a bit frustrating) formula, having been released… Read more