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HTC Rezound users reporting audio issues

When a phone launches with a huge emphasis on music, you’d probably expect it to deliver some good audio. That doesn’t appear to be the case, as some users of the new HTC Rezound on Verizon are reporting audio issues with their new device. The problem appears to be that whenever a pair of headphones is plugged in (including the Beats that come with it),… Read more

Gingerbread keyboard glitch: ddoublee lletterss

A number of xda-developers members have discovered and confirmed a glitch in the Android 2.3 keyboard that causes double letters to appear after a word correction. The problem has been submitted to Google as a bug, with multiple commenters supporting the submission. As you can see in the video above, the glitch is easily recreated on a Nexus S. This bug… Read more

Poll: Is your Nexus S randomly rebooting?

Taylor from Android and Me has been reporting via Twitter and his site that, since the last update, his Nexus S reboots randomly, and it happens every day. He’s not the only one, either. This issue was reported in Google’s support forums at the end of December and Google responded by saying that they have successfully reproduced the bug and are working… Read more

Samsung Fascinate gets bug-fixing update from Verizon

Besides the big Froyo upgrade for the DROID X, Verizon is also rolling out a minor update for the Samsung Fascinate, its variant of the Galaxy S. In its release support flyer (link: PDF) Verizon says the update improves Visual Voicemail notifications, email syncing, searching while in a call, faster switching between 3G and 1x, and more. No word… Read more

Gmail bug affects many Android 2.2 users

Some users are reporting a frustrating bug in Gmail after receiving the Froyo update: while the primary account is functioning as normal, any secondary accounts don’t refresh automatically. Thus, those affected by the bug have to manually refresh their second account. If you’re in this unfortunate group, take a look at the bug entry on Google’s mobile… Read more