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Apple’s looking for a fight with the bulky and the bizarre

In a recent earnings call with acting COO of Apple Tim Cook, a lot more than Apple’s incredibly massive profits were discussed. Among talks of a 26.74 billion dollar quarter, were also talks of the iPad and its competitors – the bulky and the bizarre. According to Cook, Windows tablets come off as heavy and expensive, and Android tablets come off as… Read more

Video: Groupon rejects Google’s $6bn offer. So what?

Google has been seeking expansion the social and local information spaces lately, partially via numerous failed attempts at acquiring businesses that have already carved a nice market niche out for themselves. Had recent talks with the highly profitable Groupon panned out–with an offer price of $6bn plus incentives for current executives–an acquisition… Read more

Sidekick/webOS talent comes to Android

Engadget reported a rumor this morning, and later confirmed, that Matias Duarte, Palm’s Senior Director of Human Interface and User Experience – the man behind webOS’ glorious UI – will make a new home at Google as the User Experience Director for Android. Duarte also worked on the Helio UI and with Android chief Andy Rubin on the Sidekick team…. Read more