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HTC Myst Leaked, Next Possible Facebook Phone

The last Facebook phone wasn’t really too successful, as you can imagine. The HTC Status on AT&T (called the HTC ChaCha internationally) was a low end QWERTY phone with a dedicated Facebook button that was context sensitive and glowed when it could be used. But throwing a Facebook button on a low end phone does not make a good Facebook phone, and it… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Possibly Seen In Use

Here we have a photo of what seems to be the rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. We aren’t sure that it’s real, but it’s hard to deny that it looks like a Samsung. Rounded similarly to the Galaxy S III, the tablet actually features physical buttons. This is a first for a Samsung tablet (aside from the original Tab 7 running Gingerbread) and a very strange… Read more

Google Adds Confirmation Button To AdWords Ads

Many of us don’t mind the small banner ads in Android apps. They make the app free, so we really can’t complain. If anyone doesn’t like them, there are always ways to remove them (like buying the full app, if available). However, if you touched an ad accidentally, you’re in for quite a bit of frustration. You’re thrown out of your app, or even out of… Read more

T-Mobile HTC One S Gets Update To Sense 4.1

This is a good day for T-Mobile HTC One S owners. They’re getting an update, and it’s a big one. It doesn’t change the Android version significantly (from Android 4.0.3 to 4.0.4, still Ice Cream Sandwich), but it does change the version of HTC’s skin, up to Sense 4.1. Not only will it have a ton of bugfixes (and WiFi and Bluetooth fixes, if you’ve been… Read more

International HTC One X Update: Android 4.0.4, Camera Enhancements, Multitasking Button Settings

HTC has finally fixed something I have considered to be the failing point of their One series of phones, though the fix has only rolled out to two phones. After the AT&T One X got an update, the international model is getting the same one. Along with a new but minor version of Android and some camera improvements, the multitasking button is getting a… Read more