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Google creates Android phone gallery and comparison site

The convenient google.com/phone address used to be a storefront for the beloved Nexus One, and once it gave us hope that Google would flip the tables on the mobile providers, allowing for a choice of hardware to come before a choice of carriers. The Nexus One is now discontinued, and its less than spectacular sales tempered those high… Read more

Droidthing offers online matching between humans and Androids

Android is catching fire right about now. The mobile OS is gobbling up market share, enchanting consumers, endearing developers, and powering countless devices (info on tablets alone could fill a dictionary-sized volume). Basically, Android OS is an eligible bachelor, and eligible bachelors need their own dating sites. Droidthing provides this service… Read more

Summer smart-phone guide

If you find yourself looking for a smart-phone this summer, you may feel a tad bit overwhelmed. This has been a huge summer for smart-phones… HUGE. Every carrier has a great selection, but there’s still at least one device that outshines the rest. Noah from over at PhoneDog.com has put together a great list of each carriers top device along with the… Read more