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Google Play Is Growing Faster Than The App Store But Pays Off Less

A new report published by Distimo has given us some information about the app stores of the two biggest mobile operating systems, but the information is something we already knew. First of all, Google Play is growing a lot faster than the Apple App Store. Google Play’s daily revenue grew 43% in the last four months. The App Store’s daily revenue only… Read more

Google’s $400 Million Acquisition Of ICOA Is Fake

Someone has faked an acquisition deal, claiming that Google has purchased ICOA for $400 million. Luckily, both the ICEA CFO and Google have denied this acquisition fast. Whoever posted the press release was trying to scam us. And it worked. ICOA’s shares jumped from a penny each to five cents, which could have made someone a lot of money. It’s sad to… Read more

Google Discontinues Prepaid Cards In Wallet, Offers Refund

In a logical move, Google has announced that they have cancelled their prepaid cards in Google Wallet. Considering that any bank card now works with Wallet, there isn’t any point in it anymore. While it is a logical move, only time will tell if it is a good one. After September 17th, you will not be able to add any balance to a prepaid card. After… Read more