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Instagram Updated With Tilt-Shift Capability, World Cheers

Oh how it looks like Instagram on Android is getting all the good stuff before our frenemies in the iOS camp. The newest Android version, 1.1.0 adds tilt-shift for “supported devices,” enabling smartphone users to add a whole lot of blur to shots giving them a miniature effect. It’s not at all necessary, but a whole lot of fun and something to add to… Read more

HTC Posts Sprint EVO 4G LTE Camera Samples

The Sprint EVO 4G LTE, a variant of the HTC One X but with a microSD card slot and an extra 200 mAh in its battery (for a total of a 2,000 mAh), has been long awaited as the true successor to the legendary EVO 4G. Other EVO variants have been nowhere near as popular as the original EVO 4G, and people are hoping the 4G LTE will be HTC’s return to the top… Read more

Sony develops new camera tech for smartphones

Looks like Sony’s trying to claw its way up back to the top and smartphones may be a big part of their road map. Monday, Sony announced two new camera technologies that they would be leveraging in their new smartphones. Supposedly, the new cameras would utilize RGBW coding to make low-light pictures more vibrant. Now, the second bit of tech is also… Read more

Polaroid SC1630 Smart Camera announced, runs Android

Polaroid is looking to fuel a new device category, and has recently shown off its newest camera known as the SC1630 Smart Camera. It has a 16MP shooter with 3x zoom, and should provide some good looking pictures. What makes it unique from other point-and-shoot cameras is the fact that it runs Android. It features a 3.2-inch touchscreen, and cellular data… Read more

ASUS Eee Pad Memo receives leaked photo showing camera configuration

We’ve seen some rumors recently of ASUS’ next tablet, the Eee Pad Memo. If the rumors hole true, it will feature a 7″ screen, 1.2GHz processor, and multiple options for price and storage. A new image has leaked of the device, and it is a bit more unusual than what we’re used to seeing. It depicts the back of the tablet, only showing the camera and the… Read more

All About the Galaxy Nexus Camera [Video]

There’s been quite a bit of buzz around the blogosphere regarding the Galaxy Nexus’ measly 5 megapixel camera. As I’m sure you most of you are probably already aware, megapixels aren’t everything. They do have their significance, but I’ve seen plenty of 5 megapixel sensors outperform their 8 megapixel counterparts. That being said, how exactly does the… Read more

Samsung Charge photo and video samples

Samsung’s Droid Charge is a high-end Android on Verizon Wireless. The LTE capable beast is their current flagship, and goes for $569 outright or $299 on contract. Other retailers, like Amazon, are offering the device at a discount. Any price break is a good one, and with the Charge, any break is a bargain. Though I’m not a big fan of the physical… Read more

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc camera demoed on video

Sony Ericsson’s Arc is, without a doubt, one sexy piece of gear. Those curved lines, the thin body, SE’s custom UX, an 800 X 480 display; all of this adds up to a device that fulfills Sony Ericsson’s reptation for beautiful design. With decent specs (including the possibility of mega-multitouch) and the latest version of Android on board, Sony Ericsson… Read more