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Vignette Video Review

Introducing Vignette, a popular camera replacement application for Android. It can be found on the Android Market for UK£2.99. This application is rich with features from flash settings, to editing the pre-set effects that the application comes with…. Read more

App Review: Camera 360

Know what makes me jealous? Phones with software that enable “Tap to Focus” in the camera like the iPhone and HTC Sense devices. Though that maybe where my jealously ends it’s still to the extent that I kept a dated, laggy Touch Pro2 around for a long time JUST because of its camera’s “tap to focus” abilities. Sure I could root my Nexus One and add a Rom… Read more

Sony Ericsson X10 camera review, final Q&A

This is the one I’ve been looking forward to. At times (due largely to buggy software that drapes a layer of meh atop what I suspect could be a great experience), Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA X10 feels like a camera with a phone rather than a phone with a camera. In the video below I wrap up my *video* responses (more written to come) to your questions and… Read more

X10 turns up on T-Mo UK site as coming soon

Sony Ericsson’s much anticipated XPERIA X10 has popped up in the “Coming Soon” section of T-Mobile UK’s website, and you can sign up for email alerts regarding status updates. Something tells me that we will have more info very, very soon though. I am interested to see if SE will stick with the Nexus UX (user experience) moniker that they re-branded the… Read more

Sprint HTC Hero camera review

I heard from a lot of people who were frustrated by the camera coverage (or lack of it) from other Hero reviewers, so here’s what I hope is an in-depth review. The first video is me walking through the camera software. Below it are sample photos and videos from Hero. Other than switching video resolutions to show each of the available options, I left all… Read more