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Modern Combat 4 Hitting Android Shortly After 12/4 iOS Release

Gameloft’s Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is coming out very soon, and for once, I’m a bit excited about a mobile game launch. While smartphones don’t lack in games, they lack in more hardcore games like consoles and PC’s have. Modern Combat has always filled that market, and the fourth installment looks better than ever. It is mobile’s Call of Duty…. Read more

Huawei Wants You to Be Able to Talk About Them Correctly

Huawei is a much more recent name to many in the tech world, however, it is quickly picking up momentum worldwide. On the other hand, as the company gains popularity, it also has its name continually butchered. Mostly by native English speakers, the word Huawei has been pronounced in so many different ways, it has become increasingly difficult to… Read more