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Canadian Galaxy Note IIs Now Receiving Multi Window Update

Earlier, we reported that Samsung announced the much awaited multi window update for Canadian Galaxy Note IIs. Samsung is no liar, because people are already getting the update. The update adds multi window functionality, which allows you to run two compatible apps at the same time, split screen. It’s true multitasking. The other feature added is… Read more

Canadian RAZR HD LTE Devices Getting Jelly Bean Update

Motorola is on a roll today with these updates. Not only is the Motorola Electrify M getting a Jelly Bean update today, but the Canadian Motorola RAZR HD LTE is too. If you own one of these devices, go into Settings > About phone > Software updates to check for that Jelly Bean goodness! With the new 4.1 update, you get the standard Google stuff like… Read more

Canada Finally Gets The HTC One X+

Canadians finally have access to the HTC One X+. It’s been long overdue, but now it’s available on TELUS for $129.00 on a new 3-year contract (ouch), or $650.00 off-contract (still ouch). Despite the “pick your poison” situation, the HTC One X+ is a solid, high-end phone and can stand up to the likes of the other big boys in the smartphone league. The… Read more

Canada Wants To Stop Huawei From Building A Secure Network

Huawei and ZTE haven’t gotten a break recently. This time, it’s specifically Huawei. Canada has hinted that it does not want Huawei building its secure network. When asked about Huawei, Andrew MacDougall said “I’ll leave it to you if you think… Huawei should be a part of a Canadian government security system.” That doesn’t bode well for Huawei. It’s… Read more