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Photos Of The Cancelled Google Nexus Event

Google’s Android event, where the new Nexus devices were going to be unveiled, was cancelled due to the storm. We never got a chance to see how it’d go. Now we have a few photos of how it was going to look like. It was fairly colorful, with fancy Android chairs (that I really want). If you want to see more photos, hit the source link. Google+… Read more

AT&T Cancels Galaxy SII Skyrocket HD Launch, Basically Confirms Galaxy SIII Without Confirming Galaxy SIII

Samsung’s Ryan Bidan has stated today that the Galaxy SII Skyrocket HD, announced at CES for AT&T, has been cancelled. He explained that with the Galaxy SIII announcement, it would leave the phone “orphaned” in AT&T’s lineup. He has a point too; why would anyone buy a Galaxy SII with a 720p screen if they can soon get a Galaxy SIII with the same screen… Read more