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Samsung Conquer 4G receiving minor update

The Samsung Conquer 4G is one of those phones we tend to forget about pretty quickly, as it features mid-range specs and is focused at a budget market. Sprint hasn’t forgotten about the handset though, and is now sending it an update. The biggest part of the update is the “security fix”. In other words, Sprint is wiping the existence of Carrier IQ right off… Read more

HTC is working hard to remove Carrier IQ from Sprint devices

Yesterday we told you that the recent maintenance and security update for the HTC EVO 3D actually included the removal of all Carrier IQ software on the device as well. We had heard in the past that this was exactly what Sprint was trying to do with manufacturers releasing devices on their network, and HTC has recently confirmed that they plan to update the… Read more

EFF to Android community: Help us, Help you

Yes, another Carrier IQ story, just when you thought the drama was over. Well it isn’t, trust us. The latest development is, however, both refreshing and invigorating. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a non-profit organization that organizes legal opposition to the violation of electronic rights, has been hard at work trying to reverse engineer Carrier… Read more

Carrier IQ gets the boot from Sprint

It has been a rough quarter for Carrier IQ. Ever since news of Carrier IQ’s random logging tendencies, the company has been plagued by bad press. It looks like a huge consumer of Carrier IQ’s proprietary software, the Now Network, has given it the boot. With all the impending litigation, it seems that Sprint did not want any part of the fiasco in the new… Read more

Carrier IQ being investigated by Feds

It isn’t just us Android users that had our feathers ruffled with all the scandal surrounding the phone-metrics provider. Federal investigators launched a probe into Carrier IQ’s dealings to see to what extent data was being logged. Carrier IQ execs met with officials from both the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and the FCC (Federal Communications… Read more

Carrier IQ collected your texts on accident

New developments in the Carrier IQ debacle of 2011 surfaced today. Today, Carrier IQ released an official statement of sorts detailing what is logged by the software and what isn’t. Unfortunately, it looks like statements made previously that Carrier IQ did not collect SMS messages was not true… Sort of… Basically, Carrier IQ “discovered” that their… Read more

Google to world: We couldn’t do anything about Carrier IQ

Amid the scandals shaking the mobile world these days there is Carrier IQ. If you’ve been keeping track of the battle that is unfolding you know that Carrier IQ is a “network performance” app that basically kept track of everything you were doing on your phone. Today, Eric Schmidt told the mobile community that there was really nothing that could have been… Read more

Sprint Addresses Carrier IQ With Internal Memo

Carrier IQ is all the rage these days, and rightfully so. Not surprisingly people don’t like to feel like their every move is being watched. Last week Sprint was one of the few companies to admit using Carrier IQ, so naturally they’ve stepped into the harsh light of this ever developing story. SprintFeed got their hands on an internal memo that informs… Read more