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Samsung Claims The iPhone Can’t Exist Without Samsung’s Patents

Samsung has been fighting a battle with Apple for so long, it’s hard to remember a time before the patent disputes. Both sides have won some, both sides have lost some. Samsung has lost a significant amount here in the States, yet they are confident that their appeal will come through. It’s a tough time for all, we live in an age of war. Samsung’s… Read more

Apple Claims They Will Pay $1 Per iPhone Sold To Moto, But No More

In a very strange turn of events, Apple is now open to pay licensing fees to Motorola. Apple has never been one to do so, but now their lawyers told a court that they would pay a dollar per iPhone sold to Motorola to use their essential patents. $1 isn’t bad money for patents (though it could stand to be a bit larger of a sum), and considering how many… Read more

Deal: Nexus 7 16GB For $250, Free Shipping And Case

Wanna score a Nexus 7 for a bit cheaper than usual? Well eBay Daily Deals has a 16GB Nexus 7 (8GB just isn’t enough!) for $250, which is the same price as what it’s sold for on the Play Store. However, you also get an official case and free shipping. The case is $20 on the Play Store, and shipping from Google (plus tax) is $35. So this deal effectively… Read more

Waterfield Designs Nexus 7 Smart Case Review, Love The Quality

If you missed my first impressions post for the Waterfield Designs Nexus 7 Smart Case you can view it here, and the video will be reposted below.  I have sold my i-BLASON case I reviewed earlier, and for the past several weeks been using the SFBags Smart case with my personal Nexus 7.  I’m the kind of person that absolutely prefers my phones naked…. Read more

The SGP Ultra Thin Air Case for the Galaxy S3 [Video]

One of my favorites cases for the Samsung Galaxy S3 comes from Spigen SGP. The Ultra Thin Air case is the most unobtrusive case I’ve found for this device, acting as basically an alternative color for the back of your phone. Check out the colors available:    The case does act as a bit of a safety net for small drops, as it wraps around the… Read more

First Look At Waterfield Designs Nexus 7 Smart Case [Video]

Today we’re taking our first look at the Smart Case by Waterfield Designs for the Google Nexus 7.  Last week, I did a review of a different Nexus 7 with smart functionality.  The case would actually wake up and put the Nexus 7 to sleep by opening and closing it.  This case however, I have no idea why it’s name is Smart Case, but I have some… Read more

Review: i-BLASON Smart Case for Google Nexus 7

The Google Nexus 7 made by ASUS has been out for several weeks now. I’m sure many of you have already purchased cases for your devices, and if you haven’t, you’ve probably been thinking about ways to keep your beautiful new device safe or to increase its functionality.  I purchased for myself before I received my Nexus 7 the i-BLASON off of Amazon and… Read more

Nexus 7 Covers Back In Stock In Google Play

It’s hard enough to find a Nexus 7 but its cover is even harder to track down. Just last night it was reported that the official Nexus 7 cover was selling for up to $100 on eBay. The good news is that the cover is finally back in stock for the Google Play Store for $20 with $10 shipping. It’s a bit on the expensive side (especially that shipping), but… Read more

SGP Neo Hybrid for Galaxy Nexus [Video]

There are more and more third party cases floating around for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Some only work with the GSM version; others will work with both the GSM and LTE variants. This particular case from Spigen is particularly good looking! It’s a 2-part case: The inside part is a polyurethane plastic sleeve that provides protection scratches and bumps…. Read more