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OtterBox Cases Now Available For The HTC One

The HTC One may be made out of metal, but it’s still aluminum. Aluminum is soft, and will dent and scratch really easily. Keep that in mind when buying the One: It won’t be take a big beating. However, that’s absolutely no reason not to buy it! But if you’re clumsy, you should definitely find a way to protect your brand new phones. OtterBox has you… Read more

Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 Cases Shown Off On Video

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ZOJ7U3ryMJs With the Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung took a shot at making their own cases. Their most popular one was the Flip Cover, which was less of a case and more of a backplate replacement with a flap on it. It worked out pretty well apparently, because with the Galaxy S 4, they have made three… Read more

Otterbox Announces Trio Of Cases For The Galaxy S 4

If you’re planning to pick up a Samsung Galaxy S 4 but are the clumsy kind of person, Otterbox has you covered. Otterbox makes some of the most rugged cases out there, and they announced three cases for the Galaxy S 4: the Defender, the Commuter, and the Reflex. The Defender is the bulky, crazy rugged case with three layers of protection and a built in… Read more

Galaxy S IV Cases Leaked Again, Different Design This Time

Last time we had Galaxy S IV cases leak, they were an utterly different (wide, square) shape. We didn’t want to believe that they were real, and from what we see today, we can be sure they aren’t. While we still don’t know what the Galaxy S IV looks like, we have had a previous leak showing the Galaxy S IV looking like this. And while we are extremely… Read more

Oberon Design ereader covers and sleeves

Oberon Design specializes in leather and pewter, producing original works that range from hair clips to journals. I recently got my hands on two of their ereader protection products, the Nook Simple Touch book-like cover and the large ereader sleeve, which I’ve been using for my Kindle 3 and original Nook. Each case runs $60 and features detailed design… Read more

Incredible Cases

I know I’ve already written a post about accessories for the Incredible, but I wanted to show off all of the cases available.  In my opinion, the sweetest one is the black/red gradient snap case (seen on the right).  However, that cases doesn’t show up on the VZW accessory site.  Regardless, check out the other snap cases available right now! There… Read more

Nexus One Black Silicon Case Review

I asked my viewers what they wanted and lots of them said they were interested in buying a case, so I went ahead and bought one to review for you guys. I got this case for $8.99 on sale (regular price = $14). I ordered it on Tuesday and it arrived at my doorstep on Thursday. I ordered this case from igonemobile.com/ Direct link to… Read more