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SprintTV on HTC Hero

You asked for it, so here it is. I’m not counting this one as a questions video because the segment is five minutes long. As I said, I’ve got one more Q&A vid (may be two parts!), the camera review, and then the phone is gone. Ask those questions,… Read more

Breakthrough in Hero battery life issue

A resourceful user over at community.sprint.com has discovered the cause of, and solution to, a major juice suck evident in HTC’s Hero. Apparently, sending an SMS sends a signal to the dialer, then a bunch of complicated stuff happens, and your phone never goes to sleep. Thanks a lot, messaging app. To see how this is affecting your battery usage, go… Read more

Hero speed test and EvDo browser demo

I’ve had a lot of people contact me requesting that I run the speedtest app; both over EvDo and Wi-Fi. Results can vary wildly for both, so this really doesn’t reflect what you should expect. But you wanted to see it, so here it is. There is also a quick demo of the browser over EvDo. I have two Hero videos left: the camera review and final questions. I… Read more

HTC Sprint Hero: the browser

I ended up spending a lot of time on the browser because you all sent me a ton of questions about it and because it was the source of my most significant Hero complaints. After a factory reset, my focus has changed. The browser is actually fine under the right (unrealistic?) settings and circumstances. Sure, I’d like better performance, but this is no… Read more

Rev. 0, rev. a; it’s all the same to me

Well, not really, but it is in the case of a newly-released Hero. Have a look-see at this tweet sent out a few minutes ago by @HTC: In case you are worried, Hero on Sprint is fully capable of Rev A speeds. The status currently reads Rev 0 whether or not it is on Rev A. So, not only have the “with Google” myths been debunked, but the rev. 0/A rumors… Read more

Your Sprint HTC Hero questions answered – part 3

Visual voice mail, trackball comparisons, text message threading, and more. I think I’ve got about two more of these coming, and then we’ll move on to the in-depth camera and browser videos. Check out parts one and two. EDIT: You can sync individual groups in the people app, as per David’s comment below. But I don’t know if un-checking “sync all… Read more

Your Sprint HTC Hero questions answered – part 2

I’ll be doing my best to get to all of your questions this week, as well as the videos dedicated to the camera and browser. the 10-minute limit on the DroidDog YouTube account (as well as the computer I use to process the videos) limits how much I can do in one day, but stay tuned. Check out parts one and three. EDIT: Pictures can be downloaded… Read more

Moment specs and video

Taylor Wimberly from Android and Me was able to shoot some video of the recently unveiled Samsung Moment, as well as gather some specs from various reps at CTIA. Here’s the vid, followed by a direct copy/paste of the bullet points: 800 MHz Samsung S3C6410 CPU 3.2 inch AMOLED display (320 x 480 pixels) 16M colors 512 MB ROM / 256 MB… Read more

Sprint Hero comes early for certain folk


I know a little birdy. It’s the kind of birdy that generally gets very good information. When info is sketchy, the birdy says so. Well, this little snip comes from two independent sources of said birdy, and birdy has sources in all the right places. Members of Best Buy’s Rewards Zone might want to ramble into their local branch this Friday, the ninth of… Read more

800 MHz Samsung Moment coming to Sprint

Beginning November first, $179 will get you an 800 MHz processor, 320 x 480 3.2″ AMOLED display, 3.2 MP cam with auto-focus and video, Bluetooth 2.0, support for up to 32 Gigs of storage, a 3.5 mm audio jack, accelerometer, GPS, visual voice mail, and Exchange support. Alright, $179 after $50 in instant savings (what is that about?) and a $100 mail-in… Read more